Sharing a room with a new born, in a one bedroom apartment could be overwhelming. At the same time, setting up the space is the fun part. There are many different avenues you can take. Rule number one is obviously to make this process as least complicated as possible.

Start with a clean slate; this means empty out the room completely! Downsize all huge or oversized furniture for smaller and more adequate sized furniture. Make sure that your bed and the baby’s crib or bassinet fit into the room comfortably first, as these are the 2 most important and main reasons for a bedroom. Purchase or switch out dressers or other units with ones that offer plenty of storage; that will help keep the room organized and spacious at the same time.

Be sure to only purchase necessary items for the baby. Don’t buy things you want; get what’s needed to fit into the space you have. You can actually design one side of the room as if it’s the nursery. Change the paint color. Be sure the color you choose matches or blends well with the existing paint color; unless you plan to repaint the entire room. Add really fun and decorative pictures or stickers on the wall.

As for the parents side of the room. Keep it simple. Change your comforter set, add a few personal touches. Make the television a wall mount; so you won’t need a television stand. Things such as a rocking chair, dresser, a rug or even a fabric room divider from Bed, Bath and beyond could be used for the separation of the room. The major goal of this transformation is to make sure the bedroom is a comfortable place for both parent and baby.

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