By: Karen

I’ve come to a dilemma.  I really, really like blinds more than shades.  What I mean is, I love the idea of being able to control the light and privacy.  My husband on the other hand, likes sleep, and the blinds that we have do not block out enough light to allow him to sleep.  Obviously, I’m referring to my bedroom.  A long time ago, we decided that we were done with curtains.  We took down all of the curtains, all of the rods, and had a professional come in and patch up all of the holes.  (Let me rephrase, I didn’t just have curtains, I had drapes, in front of panels, in front of sheers).

In place of all of that paraphernalia, I got new blinds for my whole house.  At the time we had eliminated the idea of doing shades, because we had always liked the control we had over the curtains , where the sheers could be closed for privacy, or the other layers as well if we needed the room to be darker. And, the blinds allowed us to have that control.  Again, because it would be the only treatment we had gone with, wooden blinds, that had an attractive valance across the top.  They looked fantastic in every room, they made the rooms feel more open, and bigger.  In the majority we went with white, and in a couple of rooms chose a wood grain that matched to the furniture in the room.

In my bedroom, I had chosen white, because I never found a color that matched my furniture quite right, and really liked the openness the bright color gave to the room.  But, like I said, they have not allowed my husband to sleep in as late as he would like.  So, onto the internet I went, learning how the best option for room darkening would be either re-hanging a curtain over the blinds, or getting a room darkening shade.  In my mind, neither of those really were  acceptable options , I was done with curtains, and I did not want a shade that was either up or down.

After digging a little deeper I came across the option of routless ladders. Apparently this refers to the strings that run through the holes of the blinds, and the ability to have small notched out of the back of the slats rather than a hole in the middle of the slat.  As a result, they close a little tighter, and overlap a little better.  A downside is, the slats can come out of the blind, because unlike the traditional way, they are not held into place by the strings, but the upside is they are far more darkening.  It also turns out a darker color with this option is more effective, as the white reflects more light into the room.

I was able to get samples from a local store, and hold them against my bedroom set, and found a color that matched pretty nice.  I ordered the blinds without the holes, and even more luckily, was able to install them onto the previous brackets.  My husband loves how dark the room is, and I love that I still have the control.  Apparently there is a compromise for everything!