By: Rhiannon


I took on the task of helping my mother-in- law with redecorating her sunroom. We sat down to figure out the look she was going for and after looking through book after book she said,  “I’ve always wanted to live on the beach, could we do something beach themed?” A sense of relief came over me! “OF COURSE,” I replied!

I immediately started looking at paint colors. White, navy blue, and a splash of yellow – your classic nautical colors. I also had everyone I know on the look out for beach themed decorations, such as a ship in a bottle, seashells, etc. Although it took us all spring, we had her beach themed sunroom done by the beginning of summer! And for a final touch, we added a soothing sound player that played the sounds of waves crashing and seagulls cawing! The new beach themed sunroom seems to be everyone’s favorite place to be!