It’s always the smaller details that bring comfort and coziness into your home. Whether it’s a soft, patterned pillow against your solid color sofa or a handpicked chandelier over your tabletop; the smaller touches add more of you to a space than the bigger ones.

However, sometimes it can be overwhelming decorating a place. Your first goal is always to get the bigger items, such as a rug, sofa, or an accent table. But once you get those items in place, you realize you need more to add and finish up the space. And most of the time, you’re over budget. So what can you do to reduce this feeling?

If you’re renovating or remodeling a room, keep in mind that you do not need to throw everything away and start from scratch. It may be best to get rid of that beat up loveseat and get a new one but you do not need to throw out your existing accessories and accents if they’re in good condition. Don’t throw away that basket you keep your snacks in. Don’t throw away the tray you keep your magazines and remotes on. Reuse those items back into your newly decorated space. And do not be afraid of layering them with other existing items you may have or new ones you’ve picked up. Layer your existing tray with new accent colored candles that fit the new space. Put some colorful potpourri in that old but still in good condition basket and leave it on a side table. Keep that painting you have and reframe it with a metallic paint finish or a color accent that complements your space. Spray paint your existing vase to fit the new decor and put in some fresh flowers.

And when you’re done integrating the new and the old, you will realize the space will feel much cozier, much more you in it than buying everything new.