Why is it so hard to dress up your sliding glass door? And why is the price always so expensive? When it comes to window treatments, you do not have to think so hard about the options. What do I want; a blind or a shade? Pretty simple stuff, right? But when it’s your sliding glass doors turn to get a new outfit, you cringe! Eek! No one wants the old school vinyl verticals in their house. Please, you would never have company over again.

Fabric verticals are very popular, but who wants to clean them? And panel tracks are on the rise, but most people still haven’t wrapped their head around them. Vergo-gliders are fun and exciting right? A cellular shade for a door, what a neat idea. The problem is that all these neat ideas are very expensive. Listen, with kids, bills and gas prices on the rise, people just want a simple and cost-efficient way to cover these doors. These modern door treatments are great and all, but you can make your door look fantastic with a simple vinyl verticaland have money to spare.

We have to stop dwelling in the past!! Vinyl verticals have evolved, they no longer look the plain, ugly blinds your nana had in her dining room. Vinyl vertical now come in fun colors and prints. You still have the simple ones with no design for people who are traditional and like simplicity. But if you want to walk on the wild side, you have many options. Textures and bold colors are the rage now. You can get textures embossed on or you can get a pattern glossed on. Patterns range from floral designs to simple blotches of colors. Some places even still sell the gold and silver mirrored verticals. The great advantage to these is housekeeping. It takes less time to clean vinyl verticals. They just need a damp cloth taken to them every once in awhile. Because they are so inexpensive, you can get even craftier and switch the vanes out for holidays to get more festive. I know we all want to be modern and hip to keep up with the times, but sometimes your wallet is telling you another story. Don’t be afraid to stick with what you know and put your own finishing touch to it.