Most times when people are shopping for window treatments, they are looking for the treatment to look and do something specific for their window or room.  One of the most common functions for window treatments is to provide privacy.  Private treatments work both ways in that they block the view from the inside of the home, as well as from the outside looking in.  However, there are some windows and rooms where keeping the view may be more important.  Such spaces, can include kitchens, dens, and offices, where sheer or simple valance treatments may be a better fit.  Sometimes even bathrooms and bedrooms can allow for sheer treatments if the location of the window is on a higher story of the home or faces a remote area.  These are the best spaces to allow your home’s natural environment to be visible, which can do wonders for the ambiance of a room.

Keeping a natural view can be accomplished through pulling private window treatments up but in the aforementioned spaces, sheer or valance treatments can be so much more effective.  Often times in kitchens, which can have smaller windows, simple fabric valances are enough to add a little décor to the window while not blocking the view.  Wooden cornices or valances can also be utilized to accomplish this.

However, there are some cases where a sheer shade, instead of a valance might be more beneficial. For example if a kitchen window is located over a sink, a desk is positioned close to an office window, or a tv that is affected by glare in a family room.  In these situations where the natural view also comes with too much sunlight, sunweaves, or solar shades, are great options.  They are sheer, but are designed to block harmful UV rays so that you can keep your view of the outside world but also be productive.