Keep out the breeze!

Want to know how to save the environment, save money and freshen up your home?  Follow these simple and great tips on insulating your home, and you won’t be disappointed!


One way of keeping the heat in your house and getting rid of cold drafts, is by changing your windows.  If your windows are old, they most likely are not sealed well anymore, and will let in a cool breeze when it’s cold outside.  Although this may seem like a big investment at first, keep in mind that it will save you more money in the long run.  You will see the difference as soon as you receive your next hydro bill, and just think of how you will help the environment too.  Not only will changing your windows help keep out the cold air, they will also prevent the warm air from leaving and will also freshen up your entire home!


However, if you opt out of changing your windows, consider changing your window coverings instead.  There are many different energy saving options, and one of the best is â˜cellular shades’.  Cellular shades are available in light filtering or blackout material, and offer two or even three layers of fabric, that will help keep out ultra violet rays and the draft from entering your home.  The cold breeze gets trapped in between the layers and works as a secondary wall on your windows.  Not only will these shades work well, they also look contemporary and soft, and will enhance your decor.


So if you want to save money on your hydro bill, while helping the environment and at the same time freshen up your home, consider changing your windows or window coverings and experience the difference!