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What is the best product for insulation value? The truth of the matter is any blind or shade is going to help with insulation, although vinyl isn’t as good as fabric for insulation. The only product however, that is rated for top insulation is cellular shades. The reason being is that they are designed in the shape of a honeycomb pleat. Each pleat traps pockets of air inside and enables the shade to either keep a room cool in the summer or warm during the winter.

There are two pleat sizes to make a note of. There is a smaller pleat at 3/8” and a larger pleat at 3/4″. The difference here is that the 3/8” pleat is smaller and does not insulate as much as a bigger pleat. To overcome this, one would have to purchase a double 3/8” pleat, which is another option. Essentially, the double 3/8” pleat means there are two pleats, one behind the other; this weaving of the two makes it equal to one standard 3/4″ pleat.

Cellular shades have other advantages as well.  For instance, they are rated for being able to reduce ultra violet rays coming in the room from the sun. These shades are also considered eco-friendly and can be used as a tax write off during the end of the year tax season.  Finally, cellular shades can also be different grades of light filtering or black out, your choice. Either way you go, its a win-win situation.


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