Summer being the hottest season we have, insulation is just as important now as it was for our long, freezing and exhausting winter. Having a window treatment with good insulation will ultimately save you money since there will be no need to have the air conditioning constantly running. With great insulation comes with a decrease in your electric bill.

One product that we have which can help with this situation is the wood blind. Real wood is a natural insulator because of the thickness of slats and the when closed they keep majority of the sunlight out. Our wood blinds are made out of basswood, or Tilia Americana, which is the most common kind of timber in North America, and is very light in weight. There is still something about these kinds of blinds that have stood the test of time, giving them a timeless look with their tradition style.

Our wood blinds are versatile for any room. It comes in a large selection of twenty colors so you can easily match your furnishings. There are four kinds of wood blinds that we carry: The Classic Wood, Laredo 2, Laredo 1, and Estates. The Classic Wood is our basic wood blind coming in only three colors. Laredo 1 and 2, on the other hand, comes in fifteen colors together, but only share six between the two. Finally the Estates, with their glossy finish, come in two colors: the Golden Oak and the Merlot that could add a nice level of sophistication to any room and or office.

By: Tiffany P.