SOLIDTONES_1202ABy: Brenna


Now that my children have moved out for good, I am left with an empty back bedroom. No furniture, no window treatments, nothing. I have big plans for finally creating my in home office with this new available space. Sadly, I have been avoiding the room since the kids moved out because the temperature in the room is often unbearable. The windows are old and the air comes through every seam. So in the winter it is freezing, and in the summer it is stifling. After looking into the cost of new windows and installation, I backed away from that idea.

Although, the window company did suggest getting cellular shades to help with insulation. Apparently they will keep the cold air out in the winter and the hot air out in the summer. Since that is exactly what I needed, I visited my local blind and shade showroom for ideas.

Not only were the shades a great price; especially the type that let light in, they were actually rated for insulation! I was pleased with the warm glow that the shade emitted during the day; perfect to keep the glare off my computer in the office.

And since they are also fully private during day and night, with my money savings I may have to switch to cellulars in my bedroom too!

Now I can look forward to working in my office, and being productive all year long in my comfortably temperate room. I’m sure my boss will be even more excited!