By: Liz and Team
When asking the guys on my team, here at Blinds To Go Huntington what treatments were appropriate for a bathroom, Design Consultant Alan responded with “A motorized Roman shade, top down, bottom up” with a sly grin. He was being funny, of course. The irony here, that fabric is one of the least recommended options for the Kitchen and Bath, but the most requested by our customers. Additionally, Roman Shades, motorized, top down bottom up; these make for some very expensive treatments, in a room that gets quite a bit of wear and tear.

What do we mean by wear and tear? In a bathroom, we’re talking about water damage, heat and steam exposure, that type of issue. In a Kitchen we’re talking food smells, like garlic or curry, and extreme differences in temperature. One of the things I say when explaining our warranty to folks is “We have an unlimited lifetime guarantee on all working parts and mechanisms. This extends to literally all things but the fabric, so, try not to run with scissors, and no red wine water balloon fights any time soon.” Most people laugh at that, but above a kitchen sink, red wine splash back is possible.

The boys on my team recommend the following window coverings for a full bathroom: faux wood blinds, aluminum mini blinds, especially our “Softlook” blinds, and a vinyl roller shade. Faux wood blinds can have flat valances, or ornate ones, to compliment traditional or contemporary styles. Pure aluminum does not rust, and our Softlook Designer mini’s have patterns and textures that are surprisingly accessible and sophisticated. Vinyl rollers seem antiquated, but when you pair them with a cassette valance and chrome sidewinder chain, it seems far less old.

Many of these ideas apply to a kitchen as well. The boys like the idea of a metallic finished blind for a modern Kitchen, to reflect the “brushed nickel”/ “stainless steel” phenomenon. Faux wood blinds are obviously an option, easy to clean, impervious to heat and grease.  Similar to the faux wood blinds, the 2” venetian blinds are a smart kitchen choice. They are textured to look more like fabric than wood, but all the same advantages of faux wood apply. Finally, we arrive at solar shades: the basket-woven, textured, UV blocking shades are a popular and modern choice (be careful though, they are not private at night!).

Now does this mean you can’t put fabric/bamboo/real wood in the kitchen and bathroom? Not necessarily. The boys on my team just want to point out some considerations. You have a supersonic fan in the bathroom? You love Roman shades? Have at it! The windows in the kitchen are far away from the stove and sink? Then go ahead and put those bamboo shades there! As with all things, just make sure you educate yourself. 