Hot and Cold Cottage Spaces

When choosing the perfect window coverings for a cottage there are a lot of things to consider.  Most often have a set décor that we are trying to fit the blinds or shades into, and we want it to mold and blend considerably with the surroundings and become a part of the space.  When we are renovating or just revamping an old or outdated look we want something to tie in the space but that will bring an ease of use and even functionality to the space.

As consumers we tend to be the type of people that notice things seasonally, like right now you remember how hot the inside of the cottage is when you want to escape the sun to cool down for a bit.  You start remember how that morning sun streams through the windows first thing in the morning and wakes you up with its rising. Luck behold, if you’re one of those who can actually manage to sleep through the morning sun, it’s not long before the sun heats up the room and it’s too hot to sleep through. Maybe you’re reminded that common areas are either stuffy or humid with the sun heating up the space.  If this sounds like something that happens at your cottage in the summer then a cellular shade is probably the best solution for your space.

They are an energy efficient product that is available in a wide range of neutral options and even a selection of various colours and patterns that you can accent with.  Cellular are available in two opacities, the first is light filtering, this means it is private, you cannot see in or out while it is drawn closed, and t still allows the sun to brighten the space.  The second available is blackout which does not allow the sun to penetrate the material, it is fully private when drawn down and blocks out all light to darken the space. This product is very adaptable to different settings and décor, it comes in very small and large widths and heights, and there is a selection of different mechanisms to choose from, a popular choice being cordless operation because of the child safety benefits it offers.

Cellular shades have a built in honey comb system, made with what is called D-cell pleats to help avoid the pleats from losing their shape.  This honey comb system traps air inside the cells to help create a wall of air, which aids in the stop of seasonal weather, either cold or hot air, coming in or going out.  In the summer it keeps the hot heat out and the inside temperature cooler and in the winter helps to keep the cold air out, and the heat from escaping.

Another thing to consider is it’s a product not just for the summer, if you have a cottage that operates all year long then you are aware of the cost to run  a cottage through the colder winter months, especially if you don’t use woods stoves to heat it. Cellular shades are the type of window covering that doesn’t just have seasonal benefits, it’s a product that looks great and has a function that works for you all year long.