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Turn a broken picture frame into an earring holder

When you break the glass out of a picture frame, do not throw away the base. Instead, use it to create a gorgeous and very functional earring display. You’ll need some sort of wire to hang your earrings on. Just run the wire across the frame and then hang up your earrings. This is a great gift ideal for all ages and you can run as much wire, making as many levels, as you want. If you have longer earrings that dangle, make longer levels.

Create a recycling center with an old basket

If you have a rather large basket that seems to becoming apart at the seams, you can re-purpose that basket into a great recycling center. The basket doesn’t really need to be able to hold anything so hole in the bottom are fine. You simply place waste baskets inside the wicker basket for recycling and then label the sections so you know where everything goes. Not only does this help you put that torn up basket to good use, it gives you a really attractive place to store your recyclables.