By: Karen


When I moved into my new house last month, I had no idea how many purchases and bills were to follow.  Well, thatâ™s not completely true; everyone had told me that buying a house was a huge investment aside from just the purchase of the house, but I never really stopped to consider all of the little things that you need.  New light fixtures, more furniture to fill the rooms, new decorations, and various other little projects that need to be tackled.

Luckily, the house did come fully equipped with wooden blinds.  The only room that was lacking in the blinds was the sunroom.  The room with ten windows, of course.  The room on the side of the house that looked straight through to all of the other rooms in the house (of course, that all had blinds).  So, they either took them with them , the windows are all fairly standard sizes – or they never got around to covering them.  As a new house, new neighborhood and new town for me all together, I really wasnâ™t okay with being on display for the whole neighborhood to see.  Unfortunately, I was almost out of money that I could spend on the house at this point.

I took to looking around and realized, unlike I had previously thought, that the windows were not standard; they were actually a smaller size than you could buy anywhere off the shelf.  This meant custom, which in my mind meant expensive.  After finding a blind and shade showroom down the street, I equipped myself with measurements, and braced myself for the bad news (my alternative at this point was hanging some sheets).  It turned out that there was a much bigger selection of blinds than I was aware of.  The best part was, when I told the guy that was working, I needed the cheapest thing they had, he didn’t even flinch and led me in the right direction.

I found some vinyl mini blinds (exactly what I had in mind), that came in the sizes of my windows.  I found out that while they were the least expensive things in the store, they would still be cut to the width and height of my windows. I picked out a sand color that seemed neutral enough to live with and dark enough that it wouldnâ™t show too much dust, and was pleasantly surprised with how inexpensive they were.  Turns out, custom isnâ™t always a bad word!