By: Karen

As I laid down in bed at a bed and breakfast last weekend, I stopped and asked myself , why isnâ™t my mattress at home , the one I sleep in every night , this comfy?? It literally feels like Iâ™m sleeping on a cloud.  Unfortunately, like most things, itâ™s not in the budget. Neither is a TV like the flat screen LED in the room, or a maid to clean up after me and do my laundry.  I feel like everyone needs to escape at least once a year just to relax and enjoy these amenities.

The one thing that always confuses me in a hotel of any kind are the drapes.  They all look like they came from the same manufacturer no matter where you are.  They are heavy looking, usually slide open and closed, and are split down the middle.  You have the option to either open or close them. They are generally unattractive as well. Does this make sense to anyone else? You are in a hotel with a bunch of strangers! This one, being on the beach has a patio out back where our windows are, so clearly I need privacy, but who wants their room to be completely dark , or have no option of seeing any of the view , in this case the ocean? It also seems that I must not be the only one who doesnâ™t like my room to be cave dark while Iâ™m sleeping, but doesnâ™t want anyone peeping in

I feel like it would make a lot more sense to get some sort of light filtering shade or a blind (with option to control light/privacy), and then hang the drapes on top of that.  I do understand that more people on vacation or business really might need it to be dark to enjoy their sleep, but why not give us the option? Luckily, when I laid down on the bed the few nights I was there, nothing really bothered me anymore