By: Meghan


Hot cocoa with marshmallows, cookies and milk, carolers hung on the hearth, gum drops, sugar plums!, and the focus of the room- that grand tree with bundles of presents. Piled high and wrapped- the whole room festive. It is Christmas time and you are on a decorating frenzy. The only thing to bring the figurines, candles, throws, tree skirt, garland- oh those twinkle lights! altogether are your window decorations. This isn’t about single tapered candles or spray on snow (what a mess to clean up!), this is about decorations that are decor!

Think fabric shades in candy cane red, snowy white (hey even candlelight buttery creams!), and mistletoe. These will wrap up your windows to look like elegant presents. Romans will be the most splendid, but pleated or fabric rollers will dress those windows to picture perfect.

Wood blinds to warm the room, add fabric tape that rivals any ribbon. Ribbons that this time of year are bows on presents, in our hair, or decorations on our tree.

Since there is so much going on a flat wood valance would go, as one that is too carved may draw focus. And why draw focus from that beautiful fabric? As for the blinds themselves, think rich wood tones such as cherry, mahogany, chestnut; but if those don’t seem to work, go with winter whites to match frames of windows or even oak to match that grandfather clock (the one counting down arrivals of loved ones or even that jolly elf!). It is your holiday room, make it brilliant, make it glow, make it yours! How perfect would those white blinds look with red fabric tape? Or ivory and green? Oak and white with golden swirls?

Don’t fear the aluminum blinds. You can do silver and gold to match Christmas balls. Even Kris Kringle red or holly green. Don’t get the winter blues, but pale blues will charm any windows.  There are so many beautiful choices!

Remember the root of decorations is decor, but why not make your decor as spectacular as your decorations? All decor that is perfect to make your house gingerbread perfect, to make this room majestic for Santa Claus’s arrival , and the perfect room for your family to rip open those presents!