Home Away From Home

When decorating your home away from home, whether itâ™s a small tiny place or a big open space, itâ™s your escape.  Living in a country that gets to see all four seasons, we tend to appreciate the nicer weather and enjoy what we call the cottage season.  When we go up to the cottage not only do we want to enjoy ourselves with a change of scenery in the nice weather, but we want to feel just as comfortable in our surroundings as if we were actually at home.

The decor in a place can really affect our mood, if we want to enjoy ourselves in a space comfortably, it needs to be a space thatâ™s pleasing to all the senses.  Something with a warm welcoming atmosphere can really make a difference when relaxing on the weekends or our vacation spot.  Decorating to have a great look that also fits the atmosphere that we want to create at the cottage usually falls along the lines of a beach or nautical theme.  This type of decor has a little bit more of a rustic edge, and will still create a timeless venue for us to escape to.

Options for colour palettes are endless, but a good place to start is with colours that reflect the beach and ocean.  Looking at colours such as taupe, sea foam greens and blues, sand colours and rust tones, accented with a warm neutral grey or off white, would be great colours to use when trying to create a paint and fabric pallet.  Donâ™t be afraid to try painting the walls in a pattern, doing thick horizontal lines in alternating colours is a great way to add the finishing touch or dress up a space that doesnâ™t have a lot of furnishing.

When looking to accent the room, coarse fabrics are a great option for pillows and blankets in common areas to help replicate the textures from outdoors.  Bringing driftwood into the space by repurposing it into a functional piece of furniture or lighting fixture will also help to carry out this theme.  Wooden pallets or crates fixed to the walls as shelves, made into a wall unit or low coffee tables are always great statement pieces and will bring cozy warmth to the space through natural woods.

Another way to add to the decor while keeping the hot heat out is to add a window covering.  A great option to keep in theme would be with woven wood shades, they have a lot of texture and unique qualities that can add character to any space.  Woven woods are carried in a lot of earth tones and are great for any room in the cottage because they are available with the option for privacy or blacking out the light.  If you are using sea foam and taupe colour scheme, a great colour to look into that Blinds to Go offers, in woven wood, is Palau Caraway.

Hanging rope and reclaimed wood on the walls, or framing sand, shells, or braches can add a point of interest to the space and help tie the room together. Using just a few of these ideas in our cottage space can help to create the atmosphere we are all looking for while lending to a comfortable beach theme, or just reshaping  and freshening up our home away from home.