The Holiday’s Are Here

By: Karen

My first reaction when I walked into the mall the day after Halloween, was how is this possible? How are they getting ready for Santa already??  A couple of weeks later, and I’ve resigned to the fact, that like it or not, it is time to turn on the holiday music, and get out the decorations. So I’ve got some suggestions on how to approach the holidays this year.  As time becomes limited with everything going on, people tend to go the fast and easy route, which usually looks as such.

So, here are some suggestions with getting the decorating done fast, but getting it done to look nice.  For starters, remember a little goes a long way, so instead of throwing as many decorations up as possible, choose a few focal points of your house that you want to decorate.

One place that is usually good to start is with the dining room table. Being the focal point of the dining room, it is a great place to display some holiday cheer.  Festive plants, or ribbon and bows, arranged with pine cones (for fragrance), and candles that you can light in the evenings can be arranged in the center of the table and have a big impact on the room.

Another easy solution is the windows.  If you are not inclined to hanging lights outside of the house, it is quick and much easier to decorate the inside of the windows.  A simple strand of lights outlining the window, or a candle (battery operated or electric), that you can sit on the window sill can provide decoration for both the inside and outside of the house.

A third quick fix I use every year is garland.  Not only is it decorative, but it also provides a fragrance to the room (a lot of stores also sell it with decorative elements – like berries or glitter).  You can hang it over your mantle, down a staircase, or even along the edge of a bar. If you don’t have any of these options in your home, you can hang it above interior doors as well.

These are all quick and easy solutions, that you can get done with one trip to the store and an afternoon at home!

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