By: Gloria


The holidays and traditon go hand and hand. It’s our traditons that remind us that some things are meant to last.  The holidays are one of many great times of the year that remind us of that.  Whether you’re having a large holiday gathering with friends and family, or having a small intimate get to gether you want the ones you are spending it with to remember what the holiday season is all about.  That’s why now may be the best time to add a little traditon to your hoilday themed room with the soft, natural, and tradition Faux Wood blinds.  Nothing gives a more traditional look than a faux wood blind made to look and feel like real wood. It’s a great option that when taken cared of can last for many more holidays to come.

Our faux wood blinds are made to look like natural wood blinds and are durable and stlyish.  They are created with a PVC material (engineered polystyrene) which allows it to be campatible in a high mositure area unlike a natural wood. Because of this, they are easy to clean and you can use a damp sponge to wipe them down or dust with a duster. They can be tilted to allow as much light as you want to come into the room.  On the other hand, if it’s the light you want to block, then you can add an intimacy feature to the blind that decreases the light gaps or by adding a decortive fabric tape you could achieve the same goal and add stlye.  The fabric tape will cover the visible strings on the blind.  The fabric tapes come in a wide assortment of colors.

Our faux wood blinds also come in various colors ranging from an antique white which has a cream under tone to a more traditional golden oak both of which have a wood grain detail.  Whether you are looking for simplicity or lavishness, one of our two valances will do the job. You can choose a standard valance or a designer valance which has a molding detail to cover the top headrail of the blind.  The clean fresh look of the faux blind is one that has and will be in style for years to come.  Since they have a natural look they will go with just about any home style.

The faux wood blinds are a great inexpensive option to add a little tradition to your home this holiday season.  They’re easy to clean, durable, and come in a assortment of shades so you’re sure to find the one that will remind you of what this holiday season is really about.