The holiday’s are here! Where to begin? One of the fun projects my family and I like to take on every year is decorating the front door.  It has been a tradition we have maintained living in an apartment, a house, or even when we were living in dorms because it’s so simple, easy, and brings holiday spirit to everyone around!

Of course, there is the traditional route of going out and getting a wreath.  You can go with the very traditional route of going with a pine wreath (equipped with a bow and pine cones), or you can make your own wreath.  There are a lot of fun ideas online, but a few simple ones are getting a styrafoam wreath a local art store and using decorations you have laying around the house from other years.  A good start is wrapping paper, ribbons, or even bows you have left over (used or unused) from last year.  A great way to make the wreath stand out would be to add on some ornaments to make it more personalized.  If you don’t have any left over stuff, the dollar store is a great place to get a variety without breaking the bank!

If you are looking to stand out, get creative.  Use your door as a background.  If it is white, dress it up like a snowman – add a hat, eyes, a nose, scarf, and buttons.  If it is red – make santa – hat, belt, and beard! You can use fabrics that you have left over from different projects, or get some foam paper from a local craft store. If it is brown, make your own gingerbread house. If it is green or blue (or pretty much any other color) – make your door a gift – use leftover ribbons and bows from last year (even wrapping paper if you are ambitius), and wrap it up like a present!

Either way, have fun, and start a new tradition this year!