It’s the holiday season and you have a beautiful, big bay window to decorate and cover. With each holiday’s seasons decorations becoming more and more elaborate, where do you start? First, think about your window’s set up. Bay windows are comprised of three windows, usually two smaller side windows and a large middle window. Often times they have an extended sill that can resemble (and thankfully be utilized) as a shelf to display decorative items. They present an opportunity to incorporate additional decor to any room without infringing on space. So now that you understand the configuration, what do you do to get the max out of your gorgeous window space?

Next, decide if you’re going to decorate your shelved bay for you and your family (designing for the interior of the home) or if you’re showing of your holiday decorating skills to the neighbors. If you opt for the former, then consider dressing each window independently. This way, your window treatments won’t take up your shelf space. Consider whether or not each window has its own frame wherein you can mount brackets. If they are not framed out very deep, do not fret! You can still do individual treatments and simply mount the brackets to the frames of each window or to the ceiling of the bay window itself. And, while you have so many options to choose from in terms of style, pleated, cellular, and roman shades are really good options for this approach because their head rails (tops of the shades) are smaller than larger treatments like wood blinds. Both cellular and pleated shades can easily be “butted” next to each other without too much fuss and do not have the light gaps that roller shades do. Moreover, you can choose a top down, bottom up feature to give yourself more light control with these shades.

If you feel like a holiday decorating pro and want to share your skills with the world, consider an alternative. Instead of doing individual treatments, perhaps doing one big treatment in the front of the bay is a better option for you. Some bay windows have very deep sills and will allow an inside mount across the entire bay. If this is so, then you can certainly do this! You’ll then have plenty of space to create a spirited holiday showcase. Again pleated, cellular and roman shades are good options here. You could also use vertical blinds for this application, although you may have some gaps on the sides. However, if you do not have enough space at the ceiling of the bay to mount inside the window across all three windows, then consider an outside mount. In this case, the Vertical Sheers or verticals might be your best bet. Either of these options are great outside mount treatments and are often used to cover bay windows because they can accommodate large widths and heights.

By Gina G.