Leyton BTG Store 151

It is time to start the new year fresh and bring new ideas into your home. Blinds to Go now offers a new style to our line of unique styles. The new Highlands material is a versatile design inspired by the beauty of woven woods (Bamboo shades.) blending different hues and colors to create a natural yet elegant look and texture. The Highlands style come in many different colors such as: Wheat, a soft light biege color. Teak, Similar to Wheat but a slightly darker biege with more accents in color. Clove, a dark red and brown giving a very warm color to the room. Birch, a perfect mix of the colors of wheat and teak,  with streaks of grey woven through. and last but not least, Stone, a vibrant grey in a “cookies and cream” blendalmost like Birch but instead of biege and grey,  it is white and grey with minor black accents.

The Highlands come not only in a light filtering,  but a Room darkening as well. This is the same pattern as the Highlands, but with a soft room darkening lining on the back that dims light and provides a neutral background to the street. The shades are not black out due to the fact that like other woven shades,  their are still minor Light gaps between the weaves. The highlands can come in roller shades, as well as Roman shades,  and vertical blinds. (Highlands room darkening however is not available in fabric vertical blinds).

Let your new year start with a unique and different change in your home. The Highlands are a perfect way to start something new in redecorating and blends with most styles and settings in your home.