By: Sai

Good old fashion high rises. They seem to be an ongoing trend when living the big city life. Growing up in the country side of Connecticut, there was nothing to see.   All I saw was woods everywhere. Driving through my town you could see deer and cows roaming around like it was nothing. It was your everyday occurrence.  Then when I finally went off to college to UMASS Amherst I got exposed to the city life and Boston. Oh my god everything was so fast paced, it took me a while to adjust.  I’m just an old fashion country bumpkin.  

So after about eight years of living in Boston life is great! I am finally adjusting to city life,  I am managing this great place, and I’ve moved to a high rise in the city.  I live on the 30th floor of this particular high rise. I love it! the view is phenomenal. All I have is floor to ceiling windows. These bad boys are big and tall. That is one of the reasons that I purchased the place. The one side of the apartment looks out to the bay, so that has a great view. The other side faces the city so at night when I see the light of the city it’s phenomenal.

The issue that I keep having is that my  old country style still does not fit my new modern life style. Where I’m from, the big things that we had in my home growing up were either curtains or stained wood blinds. Everything in my house was orange and red, a lot of vibrant colors.  They were bright and  it use to feel like I was looking at the sun.  However, the décor in my new apartment is more of a mix of modern and contemporary. I got it move in ready so it has a lot of abstract art from the previous owners.  There are a lot of shapes like triangles, squares and rectangles.  It has a very futuristic look, but this is not who I am at all so I want  something that will mesh the two styles. The other issue I am having is that these windows are huge.  I really want white wood blinds.  I would be able to tilt them but  because of the window height the blinds would be heavy and I would feel like I would break my arm bringing them up. I went shopping around and i just couldn’t decide.

I looked at cellular shades they were light to lift up and down but I found the lines to be unbearable to look at in that size.  I felt like I was looking at a garage door. Then I tried roller shades which at  first I thought  would be nice.  I decide against them  because I just couldn’t deal with the fact that they were either went up or down.  Then I thought about  going with verticals.  They opened left to right and I could tilt them. They had a lot of nice ones.  Only one problem though,  the noise was going to drive me nuts and the thought of more lines was going to drive me to the loony bin. However, I was going to go crazy with all the light coming through these bare windows if I didn’t get something fast.  I even contemplated pulling my hair out because I couldn’t sleep with all the light that came in.   I was beginning to wonder if I had made a huge mistake. No one ever talks about window treatments when you buy a place. I am a picky individual and I was so in love with the view, that I neglected the most important part.

So you may ask yourself how did I finally solve this issue. In my search,  I saw this picture of this sheer shade. It is  weird because I could see the white little lines.   While doing more research, I found a video that showed the sheer shade tilting open and closed, and the white material gave you privacy.   So I went on my mission to find out about these. It took me about two months but I finally found them in this blinds store in Stoughton MA right near the Ikea. They told me all about them I was thrilled.   It was called a serenity shade.  First, they came in my huge sizes and they were easy to use, they operated on a chain,  and they opened like a blind when they are all the way down. The nice part was that they go all the way and collapse into themselves and they can be hidden when rolled all the way up.  The best part is that they have a room darkening version for my bedroom where the slat is lined with aluminum so no light comes in. I was in love I put them all over. The only thing was that they cost me a pretty penny.   I was warned that they are the most expensive shade in the store, and they did not lie!  In the end they were all worth it.  I love them and I know I will have them forever.