By: Ashley H.


Now that summer time is finally here, many people are finding that they need to not only spruce up their homes, but also need to revamp their window treatments. The act of giving your house a spring makeover is so typical, but what some people do not understand is sometimes windows need a new look, especially those windows up above. Skylights and arches are two examples of windows that are often forgotten about. They are both odd shaped and usually hard to reach, thus the reason why many people keep them uncovered. These are two windows that can do so much damage during the summer. For one thing they are usually in spots where direct sunlight hits, which can lead to fading in the room. And second, these windows will let in a tremendous amount of heat!

Arches are usually attached to a window underneath or they can stand by themselves. Sometimes people will just put one window treatment over the window and arch. If you want the arch clearly separate from the window, a great option is a shutter or cellular shade. Shutters give a nice look to a window and they will block out a tremendous amount of sunlight. Shutters will also give you the ability to tilt the slats and allow your own range of light to come in. Cellular shades will be stationary, but they are the best product for arches. They are great insulators, so they will cut down in the direct sunlight while also cooling down the room. There will be a flow of natural sunlight, but nothing that will make your furniture turn. Besides arches, cellular shades work great for skylights. They will have the same effect, but you will be able to open and close them. Skylights come on a track system that can be opened and closed if needed.

Both arches and skylights are great in homes and offer a view outside. These windows are usually found in sunrooms, porches and even in bedrooms. They give you a first class view of the peaceful and serene world outside. But when it comes to heat, they can be your worst nightmare. By putting cellular shades on either window, you will be saving energy and saving money. Cellular shades can come in basic colors to match up with window treatments you already have in the room. And for skylights, if you want to open them once the sun goes down, that is fine too. This summer, do not let the heat coming from above stop you from living and enjoying your home!