Heat’s Here

Heat’s Here
By Karen E.
Around this time of year we get a lot of customers coming in realizing how much light and heat is coming in through their windows.  The sun is pleasant during the other three months, until you realize how much harder your air conditioner is working, and how much higher your first electricity bill comes in. The good thing is, there are a lot of options that can help you to insulate the windows while allowing the sun (we waited a long winter for the sun this year).

While any treatment you add to your window will help to cut down some of the sunlight, and keep out the intense glare, there is one option that is superior to all of the others – cellular shades.  Reason being, is they are specifically designed to insulate your windows! The cellular shades are made of a polyester material, and is two layers of material bonded together to form a pocket of air.  They are often referred to as “honeycomb” shades because the structure looks like a honeycomb if you look at it from the side.  Because of the structure the pocket of air serves as a barrier for the hot and cold air – which helps significantly with the air conditioning bills (it won’t hurt in the winter with the heating bills either).

The other great thing about cellular shades is that they come in a ton of colors and styles – they can be light filtering for your common rooms – or blackout for your bedrooms.  They also come in a few patterns and textures if there is an area of the house you are looking to dress up a little more formally.  The shades can be ordered with many options as well depending on your needs.  You can order it cordless for easier use and child safety, it can be order with a top down bottom up feature – that allows you to cover the bottom half of your window for privacy but still let in the natural light, and with a continuous cord loop that makes large windows easier to open and close.

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