Harmony Roman Shades

The newest addition to the Blinds To Go lineup is the gorgeous new Harmony line. The newest roman shades are an upgrade to an old standard of shade that have been around for a long time. Of course, with any upgrade though, they have a ton of new options, and can breathe life into any room in need of an update.

The most obvious change to the new line of roman shades is the fabric. The traditional fabrics still remain , so you have plenty of solids and linens. The new fabrics though really change the game. From chevron to paisleys, the newest fabrics come in bold, strong colors. There are blues, teals, and oranges that can really make a pop in a room. There is a wide range of grays that will match to the gray palette that is so popular in home decor right now. There are also of course the neutrals, the beiges, and the whites, the off whites, that will stand the test of time.

The new line also comes with an array of new options. They can fall flat, in a style reminiscent of a waterfall, traditional with the ribbing, or the classic style with the folds in the fabric that give the shade another layer of dimension. The shades can come with a continuous cord loop – which would be attached to the wall for child safety, cordless , with the ease of pushing the shade up and pulling it down easily, and motorized , which can be programmed with a remote to raise and lower all of the shades in one room with a single button.

The best part is, no matter which style you chose, it will transform the look of your room. Even the most simple pattern will bring a new dimension to the room, and the most bold patterns will make you question if you walked into your house or your neighbors at the end of a long day. Happy Decorating!!