I love the fall and autumn leaves! Even though, I am not too fond of the colder climates. I always love a cozy autumn season. It means knee high boots, scarves of different colors, leaves falling off the trees. Growing up and living in New England, I have tried and always succeed in making the best of the fall and winter seasons. Decorating can be a little stressful because when you’re a perfectionist it gets harder and harder. What I do know is how to catch a good deal, though! I always look for coupons or deals somewhere, because I never want to pay for something full price.

Here are my go-to ways:

Baskets are your best friends, especially thrifty ones.

There’s something about woven baskets that adds such warmth and texture to invoke”fall” while still adding storage. It’s definitely a WIN/WIN!

When I was younger, my mom used to use a woven trunk as a makeshift end table to store DVDs in our living room (even though we definitely STILL watch them, I know totally stone age). She kept a basket tray on the coffee table to collect the remotes and any other random stuff in there. We also used the baskets to throw extra throw blankets in there. Obviously, because fall is for movie nights and snuggling, am I right?

You don’t have to go with a certain color scheme. Use what you have.

I always thought as a kid we HAD to decorate with orange because that was the rule, and I would try to reinvent the whole thing in our house. Decorate your house with what you love, any autumn color works for fall decor these days. Now, I look through my decor stash and I just decorate with the stuff I already have. Anything is “fall” if you just throw a white or orange pumpkin in there, right?

Reuse and Recycle every year.

Fresh greenery is so nice and always makes the house smell wonderful. However, they always die after a few days to a week and make a big mess in the house. In the past I’ve learned to just get the faux greenery and keep and change them through the holiday seasons. I also have gone to get the faux stuff after the holidays are over, which normally are on sale for either half the cost or close to half the cost. Savings on top of savings!

By Delilah C.