By: Sai

Back in my time customer service was everywhere. Customer service was the most important to any business. I remember I walked into a store and the first thing I would hear was Hello how are you, thank you for coming in how can I help you? What happen to those times? The times where mom and pop shops ran the world. Where have the times gone, when you walk into a place and you see the same face every day? It’s refreshing, to walk in and be able to talk to someone and have them feel like they know who you are. Have them say your name and know what you are looking for, those were nice times. Where have those times gone? I do not understand these things with computers know a days. I can’t touch what I’m buying and can’t feel what I’m buying, and everything I order online seems to come in wrong. Every time I call to talk someone all I get is a run around, no one wants to help me and pretty much I end up getting my money back. I do not want to deal with these things anymore.

That’s why it was so refreshing when I went to a showroom.  I was enlightened to find a place whose model reflects old fashion customer service. This amazed me.  I finally found a place that had a full combination of customer service but updated to fit today’s needs with online and computers, I was definitely impressed. Prior to this I was at a store looking to redo my living room, and I was growing increasingly frustrated because no one was helping me. All these books were laid out in one section with patterns, pictures, and all that stuff but I could not tell them apart. Above that I had seen a group of people that were employed there and none of them would come and help me they just talked among themselves. I was so annoyed that I stormed out in anger. As I was driving I saw this little place at a corner just for blinds. The thing that stood out to me the most was the vibrant red color that I could see from the distance.

I walked in and I was pleasantly surprised. A young lady startled me and the first thing she said was Welcome how may I help you? I was shocked by her hospitality. I was still hesitant so I said,  I’m just looking thank you. She said sure take your time if you have any question let me know and I will oblige. As I walked around I thought I wouldn’t see her again. After a couple of minutes I was looking and I stopped in the wood blinds section. I was just playing with them because that’s what I was thinking in my mind that I wanted. After about ten minutes she approached me and asked is there something here that you like. I said yes I was looking for wood blinds. I liked the fact the she was attentive to where I was the whole time. After about twenty minutes I noticed that time was flying by and she at no point lost interest in what I wanted. She continuously asked questions over and over again in different ways just so that she understood the picture of what I wanted. I hadn’t seen someone so attentive in years. So I got all the information I needed and left.  I told her I would be back in a couple of days. She said she wouldn’t be in but everything was saved on the computer and anyone could pick right up.  I came back in a couple of days and a nice gentleman helped me. He picked right up where she left off. The best part was that he was as attentive as she was. He asked me a bunch of questions, and he showed me a million options, this was great! I went ahead with the order and asked why the red carpet? Does it signify something. He said yes it means red carpet customer service, that’s our business model to make a customer for life. I said wow I was highly impressed. At this point I fully believed in these guys. The part that put the icing on the cake was the fact that the manager came over and introduced herself. She had no need to but she took the time to know me which made me feel great. I was amazed and I said thank you for bringing me back to the times when customers mattered.  It was a breath of fresh air!