When purchasing a new home, the number of bathrooms is generally key. Depending on the size of your family, any additional bathroom space can be a deal maker or breaker. Even a small half bathroom can make a difference for a family home. But, when it comes time to decorating, or renovating this space, you run into some challenges you may not consider in a full bathroom. Overall, you want to make what is generally the smallest room in the house, feel as big as possible.

  • Go with a bright, light paint is a great way to open the space. Sticking with a white or slightly off-white color palette – with either a grey or blue tone is a great place to start.
  • Add wainscoting. The small accent at the bottom of the wall – in white – makes the room appear larger. It also will lend itself to adding some décor to the space, which is not easy to do in such a small space.
  • Make sure the vanity is proportionate to the space. Although you may be able to fit a larger vanity in the room, keep in mind what you need in there. Being that it is a second or third bathroom, chances are you won’t need many bathroom supplies, so won’t actually need that much space. And the smaller vanity you go with the larger it will make the room feel.
  • Get fun light fixtures. Lights are another way to make a statement, as well as brighten up the room (again making it feel bigger). There are a variety of different light fixtures available now in a lot of different colors and sizes so you can find one to fit your space!
  • Use bright window treatments. Sticking with something light filtering – that will give you privacy but let the light filter through is a great idea in a bathroom. Cellular shades or roller shades are good options because they give you a very clean finished look.

Overall, just make sure to keep it simple. If you go bold with your light fixtures, keep your vanity neutral. If you go with a bold color on your vanity, make sure to stay light on the walls. In this room, less is more, but as always make it your own!