I decided in honor of Earth Day this month and my need to renovate my living room that would blend the two together to create a beautiful space that is both comfortable and easy on the eyes.. And the planet!

Painting was first on my list. A lot of paint companies have certain eco-friendly paints now which make give off less atmosphere-polluting VOC’s. Once my walls were painted I decided to rearrange and buy new furniture. I knew I wanted to be as cost effective as possible and also keep with my earthy theme so I went to my parents house out in the woods in Northwestern New Jersey and took a few old tree stumps from some trees that had fallen a while back during a storm. I let them dry out in my garageĀ for a few weeks then sanded and painted them with a very thin layer of paint so you can still see a lot of the wood grain. I now have end tables!

I remembered seeing a sofa and chair on a website I loved so I went ahead and bought those, both of which were made from recycled wood and fabrics and other materials. My coffee table was also made from a single piece of wood; cut, sanded and refinished and used with old iron poles bent and shaped to form unique legs.

I finished decorating my room with natural woven wood shades for some privacy and then accessorized the room with odds and ends I had already had and other unique treasures found at local thrift shops and farm stands. I must say I couldn’t be happier with my finished room!

By Kim W.