By: Sarah B.


Bamboo is a great way to decorate your home while still being eco-friendly. Most materials such as wood or fabric take time to grow or create. However, bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants on the planet. Within a day if the bamboo is cut it will grow back within only a few hours. Even if the plant is cut from the root it will grow back right where it was making it ideal because it doesn’t need to be replanted each season. Also, bamboo releases oxygen after absorbing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide so it can also help in having cleaner air within the home.

With that being said, our woven woods are not harmful to the environment because it grows back so quickly and actually adds to the quality of our air. Bamboo is also a natural insulator so air from the outdoors is usually trapped within the reeds of the bamboo shades causing less heat or draft to come in. Insulation is always important when trying to keep costs down within the home and the woven woods give the benefit of insulation while also being decorative. The look of bamboo is very warm and earthy which can give any room a natural look. The woven woods also offer liners that you can have attached to the back of the shade to keep out the light and give privacy. By adding this liner there is another layer of insulation.

Out of all of the options in the store the only other product that would give as much insulation as woven woods would be the cellular shades. Cellular shades are a honeycomb shape and also trap air within the tubes of the shade. This effect is great for insulating the home. However, the woven woods seem to be the more environmentally friendly option due to the fact that the materials are not harmful to the environment while also keeping heating and cooling costs down.