A popular topic in window treatments when concerning the environment is energy efficiency. Many people want to protect the green they spend in energy costs when heating and cooling the home. Some folks have drafty windows; others have replacement windows but also want all the help they can get. However, there are other ways to go green in selecting window treatments. Perhaps the most overlooked, yet easy way to be environmentally friendly when selecting a window treatment is to choose the treatment in a material that is either organic or recyclable.

While cellular shades are popular nowadays due to their energy efficiency and effect on heating and cooling costs, one could argue that you could get the best of both worlds, savings for the environment and your pocket with wood blinds. Wood blinds, unlike faux wood which is comprised of man-made materials such as PVC, are natural products. Their slats can certainly be recycled. And with their natural variations in color and knots, they are a great addition to any window! In addition to real wood blinds, another natural, and therefore recyclable window treatment, are woven woods or bamboo shades. They have so much variety in their construction and design, so choosing one of these will not compromise decor or style.

Finally, when considering new treatments, it’s helpful to research and discuss recycling your old blinds. Although many fabrics may not be salvageable, their metal components just might be able to be utilized in the repairs of other blinds. And, if you happen to have old wood blinds or bamboo shades, it is certainly worth contacting the manufacturer, or your local recycling company (they may require you to separate the wooden components from the stringing and metal) to see if they accept them.

by Gina G.