Going Green

by Karen Earle

Customers often come in asking for our most natural product, as they have recently redecorated a room with natural decor, and are aiming to go green with their decorating.  While unfortunately none of our products are 100% natural (as they all have some man made components), there is one product that fits the description the best, woven wood shades.
Woven woods are one of the styles that have cycled back into being one of the more popular products in window treatments.  The shades are made from bamboo shoots, woven grasses, and other fibers which are all naturally grown materials. Not only does this give the very natural appearance because of the material, but it is a renewable resource. It works well in many different rooms and styles of decor, ranging from more traditional to a beachy look to a more rustic look.
The other great thing about woven wood shades are how customizable they are.  There are a wide range of color and materials to chose from. They are made in a roman shade style, and can be ordered as a flat panel or a folded panel for a more decorative look.  The shades can be lined depending on the level of darkening or privacy you need.  They can also be edged in a variety of different color fabrics (which not only change the look, but help prolong the life of the shade).
If you are trying to “go green,” not only from an environmentally responsible perspective, but also from a decor perspective, then woven wood blinds would definitely be the best option for you!

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