By: Erica

Who would think that a color that holds no excitement would be one of such high demand in the design world? In my research I’ve discovered that white is clearly a top color of choice in the home decor industry. Or any industry for that matter. It represents a clean, crisp and bright feeling to anything and everything. Whether it’s a fresh pair of white sneakers, t-shirt, or coat of paint, it is usually a safe color that you can’t go wrong with. Is it slowly starting to be replaced by a color that would be considered dull and boring? Are the rumors true? Is gray the new white? You’re probably thinking, there is no way gray can out shine white in the home fashion industry. And, let’s be honest, white will always be the ruler of trim, ceilings, and walls, but gray is starting to take its stand as a neutral color.

Everybody’s idea of what neutral really means can be very different. The Webster’s dictionary definition states neutral means it can harmonize with any color, which  white does very easily, but so does gray! I read an article recently that really got me thinking about this. Everyone knows the Nike brand for sneakers and sports apparel. Well, they just introduced an exclusive line of gray uniforms for college basketball teams for the players to only wear during one game. Now when you think of color coordination, all the teams have different uniform colors that were combined with the gray. For example:  Blue/Gray for Duke, Orange/Gray for Syracuse, Navy/Gray for UConn and the list goes on. There are just some colors that are just limited in coordinating, but gray is not one of them. You can add any other color with gray and it will not take away from what you are trying to accomplish whether it be on clothing, decor or what you put on your window.

I’ve noticed in shopping for window treatments everything comes in white. Which again is great because a majority of people are accustomed to white on their windows, but I wanted something different. So after I painted my walls a very deep plum color in my living room, I was stuck trying to figure out what the other possibilities there were, until I met gray. I played around with a few different styles that offered gray fabric, like cellular shades, roller shades, and even some mini blinds. I then finalized on some roman shades in a medium gray that really pulled the room together and didn’t take away from any other details that I had. So after taking this risk in applying color on the windows and thinking I discovered a neutral color that no one else knew about, I was wrong. I realized that gray was starting to take over. So when you’re in doubt on what is considered neutral, don’t always fallback on white, because gray may just be the new white!