By: Brenna

For my daughter’s tenth birthday I told her I would redo her childish bedroom. The plan is to redecorate it in a way which she can grow with it and not have to change throughout her teenage years. Needless to say, we are staying away from the bright pinks that encompass her room right now. Since her style changes often (what teenager’s doesn’t?), I wanted to stick with neutral colors for the more permanent aspects like wall color and window treatments. The walls are painted a light soft yellow to keep it feminine, so I really want a basic color for the windows.
I am not a fan of the bulkiness of curtains or the fact that most styles are barely private. My optimum product choice would be some sort of blind; this way she could shut them to block light and keep privacy, but tilt or lift them for sunlight and exposure. I think the 1” blinds will look too simple and boring in her frames. So a 2” blind in a creamy white would fit the décor perfectly. Especially if she decides to change the room theme down the road, a white will compliment anything; and it matches the woodwork…a double win!

Since we have 2” wood blinds in our windows on the first floor, I am considering sticking to the same idea. Although, I am looking for a white toned blind, a faux wood blind would be an even better choice. I honestly cannot even tell it is not real wood! Since faux wood is less expensive than real wood, we would be able to add an ivory fabric table to the blinds for a softer look. These also will give the blinds the right amount of dressiness and elegance for a maturing girls room.

The blinds really brighten up her old dull room, and I have to say, they are my favorite part of the renovation! Maybe I can convince my husband to redo our room next!