It’s that time of the year, you’re planning your holiday gathering and want to finally get a window treatment for your slider you have been putting off. You do not have much time  before your loved ones arrive, well good thing we offer a 48 hour delivery time!  Now all that’s left is to decide what to choose.   How about considering a fabric vertical which comes in warm versatile colors that will blend with your holiday decor for a  cohesive transition through out the year.  A warm and inviting Macrame spice has a natural feel ideal for a number of home styles.  If you have other windows in the same room, then you may want to consider the Sequoia Ginger which you can pair with a Redwood Ginger roller shade to transform the entire look.  The fabric for both are the same so its a consistent look.

Now if you’re like me and like to plan ahead, then you’re already thinking bout how this look will go with your summer decor. Well I have you covered!  An inexpensive way to still have your verticals up but give a lighter feel to the room is by removing your Macrame slats and swapping them for the Sophie Beech, which still use the same track.  It is very simple to do and you can do it alone. The slats snap off of the head-rail by releasing the clear chip on the track and from there you just slide the new slats.  You can pack the slats in a box and put it right next to your holiday decorations for next year.

So now that you’ve picked your product, all there is left to do is measure and install. If you’re worried about doing your own measuring then we have skilled professionals who will handle the measuring and installation for you.  This way you have nothing to worry about.  The installer will even bring the blinds to your home.  This will save  you a trip and you won’t have to think about picking up that vertical yourself.

By: Gloria