Garden Decor


When it comes to decorating your home this summer, it is important not to forget a big part that most people visit during that time of year- your garden.  Here are a few ways to decorate your garden and make it ready for summer parties!

Keep your garden clean and tidy on a regular basis.  Get rid of weeds when you spot them, mow the lawn on a weekly basis and don’t forget about trimming the edges too.  Due to hot summer days, make sure you don’t forget to water your garden.  The best time to water your garden is in the early mornings when it is still cool outside, this allows the water to reach the roots of the plants and not dry out, while helping the plants deal with the heat during the day.  However, if you cannot water them early morning, aim for late afternoon or early evening.



Plant flowers to add colour to your garden and make it more inviting.  There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy colourful garden, so be sure to visit a garden center near by, buy a few pots of flowers, and follow their care instructions so they can last all summer.


Another great thing to plant is lavender and herbs like rosemary, thyme. mint, and parsley which will add a beautiful fragrance to your garden.  These types of plants will make your garden more inviting and give people something to talk about, especially when you use them in food for the party!


Decorating your garden and taking good care of it is an important element to your home, it will add a lot of beauty and make it a more inviting place for those summer get togethers!