With the beautiful spring weather upon us, now is the time for change. So, why not begin this fresh start with new window treatments? If you are like most with being confused about where to start, than Blinds To Go is here to help.

This season is the time for floral designs, you can either do one of two things: Do your whole house in matching treatments, giving a very nice uniformed look, or have fun and play with their colors creating a “natural” flow and here are some ideas.

The living room, den and/or dining room is where family and spend most of their time. That being said, you will need a blind or shade that is going to compliment the room. One that holds true to this statement that will also let light in without letting in the glare of the sun, while still giving your family the utmost privacy that you may want is the roman shade; it has great floral designs such as, the Versailles.

Now what happens if you have a sliding door in the same or in an adjacent room? Easy, you can either go with the same designs or at the very least a similar solid color; both are available in our panel tracks.

Lets move on to the kitchen, in this room your going to want something that is easy to clean especially if it’s over a sink or preparation area. The wood tones with, for example, floral fabric tape, are a great option to go with; reason being it will make the transitioning from room to room visually easier due to the vast color options available.

Now second to last, the bathroom, if it is a standard bathroom (one with a shower in it), than a product that is great with humidity is what you are looking for. Our verticals are a great option for this kind of environment. It comes in fantastic options such as the Dover, which has a delicate and subtle rose patterns that can bring out the beauty in any room. Now on the other hand, if you have a half bathroom (one with a sink and a toilet) you can go with any option, just be wary of water stains if it’s in close proximity to your sink.

Last but not least, the room where you will spend 1/3 of their lifetime sleeping; so why not make your bedroom your sanctuary? The best options, in my opinion, if you’re going with a floral theme you could go with another roman or even a pleated shades in the Ballet. This design in either shade will complement your room keeping your interest for years to come.

So no matter the theme for your home, Blinds To Go will always be there ready to provide you with great products and wonderful customer service all year round.

By: Tiffany P.