By: Sai

As I sit here and give myself a headache on what to do on my French doors, I feel as I am going to go mad. You see I have a set of French doors in my living room. The problem I am having is that the sun blast right through them, the sun ruining my hardwood floors and my leather furniture. I can’t watch television because the glare lands right on the television during the day.  At night I feel like I am in a fish bowl everyone can pretty much look in. This is maddening!  I am a prisoner in my own home, and because of these doors I can’t use my living room.

I sometimes wish I had never replaced my sliding doors with these things. I never had that problem. On my sliding door I had a big drape I slid back and forth that covered everything. So this was an easy fix. When it came time to clean them I just pulled them off the rod and here it came threw them in the washer and bada bing, bada boom they were done. After the doors were installed I tried putting my drapes back up but every time I opened the door they would grab the top of the door. The door opened inward so the top of it kept knocking down the drapes and making them dirty.  I took them down thinking I didn’t need them, but boy was I wrong!

I started my search online and I found a lot of great ideas of what to do. The problem was that I got confused because I did not know which one was the right one for me. I ended up finding this nice little blind place.  When there, a nice young girl helped me named Anna.  After discussing with her, I ended up choosing verticals. The premise of this was largely based on the drapes I had before. I thought these were going to do the trick because unlike the drapes I would never have to take those down.  I could just wipe them clean, and this was a great treat for me because it meant less maintenance. Who doesn’t ever want that? I was all set to go until the installer was at my home measuring. He started explaining to me that in order for me to put verticals on the door, because of how they opened it had to be much taller and wider, so that when the doors opened it would not hit the verticals. So this was not going to happen. The installer went ahead and measured the door but then I noticed that he measured the glass as well. So I proceed to ask him what he was doing and he said that you can mount something on the door. He said that I could do that and attach hold down brackets on anything I chose to put on there so the blind/shade wouldn’t bang back and forth.

Back to the store I went! When I arrived Anna had told me that she had already spoken to the installer about what happened and that she had a couple of options in mind. I was very impressed on how well they worked together.  Anna proceeded to ask me questions about what I wanted. At first I wanted two-inch wood blinds since I could control the light. Then Anna adamantly stated that I could not do this because of the way the handle was set up. I have an L shaped handle with only an inch and half of clearance.  I asked her what other blinds she suggested? She said one inch wood, aluminum or vinyl.  I said no to all three because I wanted something dressier than an one inch blind of course, it is my living room after all.  As we worked our way through the showroom I seemed to shoot down anything she would bring up, or if I wanted something I couldn’t have it because of some reason or another. I wanted roman shades but because of the handle it would get stuck going up. I could have done pleated shades but I did not like the strings. Roller shades were to plain. I almost gave up and said no to cellular shades as well but then I saw cordless top down bottom up and I thought this was great. The only thing was that they were plain. Then Anna pointed out the pattern ones. The one that stood out to me was one called mirage. It was a nice crushed pattern similar to my drapes and it opened both ways so I could control the light a lot better.  I got that mirage white with the cordless top down bottom up. The installer put them up a couple of days later and I loved them.  I got a nice soft pattern that has no cords and gives me a lot of control.  Also,  it easy to maintain  since I can wipe the dust off.