By: Karen

After the massive amount of snow we had last winter, my roof, like many other New Englanders, ended up leaking.  In the process, our slider door off of our living room ended up getting a lot of damage, and more or less, a project that was on our “to do list” eventually became a priority.  We knew the frame had already had water damage and was falling apart, but of course there had been other projects ahead of it.  Along with replacing the door, we had to replace the molding around the other windows (they had also got water damage, but luckily were able to just reframe them and keep the existing windows).

Of course, it’s not my style to do anything easy. I wasn’t okay with just going out and replacing the door with another slider, I decided I wanted to update the room and install French doors.  Much to my husband’s dismay, they were more expensive, but even he agreed after they had been installed that they looked fabulous! We repainted all of the window frames in the room at that point to match the frame of the new doors and it really pulled the room together nicely.  The issue though, was that I hadn’t considered that the doors faced our neighbors, and we had already disposed of the old verticals (which, in my defense did have water stains).

The other windows in the room have decorative sheers, but they face the woods, so privacy was never a concern on those – and the previous verticals had complimented them nicely. But, you don’t cover the French doors with verticals, so where did that leave me?

After doing some research, I learned that my instinct was right – you don’t cover the doors totally with a vertical, you actually mount a blind directly into the door, and just cover the glass.  I liked this idea, because it meant I really didn’t need to cover anymore of the door than necessary.  I had a few options, wood blinds, aluminum blinds, or shades – but my main concern was if I didn’t want to see it, I could raise it all the way up and have the full glass exposed, without any unnecessary strings or mechanisms hanging down.  That ended up limiting my options to shades – and I’m not a big fan of spring rollers – so I ended up with a cordless cellular shade.

I chose white, which allowed it to completely blend into the door, and not take away from the look. Without cords I am able to push it all the way up and have the view, but I could just pull it all the way down when I don’t want my neighbors peaking in (and still get the light in). I had the shades hung up the other day, and I absolutely love them (they got mounted a couple of inches over the glass, and overhang about a ½” on each side).  I know I don’t need privacy in the other windows, but it would be nice if they all matched.