French Door Dilemmas

A lot of homes pose the design challenge of french doors. While most people love the look of the doors in a room, when it comes time to get some privacy, there is always a challenge of what to do.  Being that the doors are usually a decorative element on their own, most people do not want a treatment that is going to take away from the overall look.

Luckily, there are a lot of different solutions.  The easiest, and often the most common is a simple curtain that is attached directly to the door. There are small rods that can be attached at the top and bottom of the glass panel, and curtains available with that will just slide onto these rods.  There are a variety of fabrics so you can get something as sheer or as private as you would like.

Another solution is to get curtains that you can mount on a rod outside of the doors.  You would mount the rod for these above the frame work of the french doors, and mount two curtain panels.  This gives you the flexibility to slide the curtains closed for privacy, or leave them completely open and not obstruct the view of the doors at all.   This option gives you even more flexibility of colors and styles, being that curtain panels are very popular and available at a wide variety of stores.

The last solution is blinds or shades.  Suprising to many, all blinds and shades can be mounted directly onto the door, typically considered an outside mount. With these options, you can go with a decorative style shade, available with many textures and styles – the benefit of a shade over a blind is that they are very compact and can close up tightly and neatly when you want it to disappear.  Blinds on the other hand are a great option because you can leave them all the way down, and just tilt the slats open and closed when you need privacy.  They are available in a few different materials as well, so you can either match to your doors, or bring in a pop of color.  With these options, most can be attached at the bottom of the door as well, as to limit the amount of banging when the doors are opened and closed.