By: AshleyCameo White paneltrack 2

Florals are feminine

They do not have to be. Of course pale muted hues in pink are very girly, but florals are hardly limited to this stereotype. To avoid the feminine floral, stay away from small prints and faded colors. Add masculine pieces to the room. Leather and wood furniture create a more rustic feel. Or stick to a neutral color scheme.

Florals are dated

If you are imagining your grandmother’s sofa with the dainty little flowers all over, then yes, they are. Avoid those small repeating patterns unless you are going for that classic vintage look. Use large patterns, bold colors and clean, simple lines to create a modern space. Decorate with blocky furniture and graphic prints.

Large prints are modern and energetic; small prints are vintage and delightful. You can avoid both of the above stereotypes by pairing your florals with bright white. It will give the room a fresh, clean feel. You can mix patterns as long as you stick to one color in addition to white.