As far as patterns go, nothing is more timeless than a floral pattern. You’ll find it in the everything from classic Victorian homes to the most modern decor. It is simple, yet elegant.

And yet it seems to get a bad rep these days. Many first-time homeowners are under the impression that floral designs are old-fashion. “It looks like it belongs in my grandma’s house,” is something we hear quite often these days.
Not so! Adding a floral pattern can give the room personality and depth that you won’t get with solid colors or sleek lines alone. The gentle curve of the petals or the twisting paths of vines will add a softness that will make your house feel more like home.
Remember, there are a wide range of designs that give you the benefits of the floral pattern. Some are quite busy and colorful – these would work best in a room that already has complimentary colors and a classic feel. But if that’s not your aesthetic, opt for a simpler floral in a more neutral color to warm up a modern design.
By: Carrie