By: Gina rosalie_white_019


It’s Spring and you’re looking for new window treatments for your most comfortable (and sacred) of spaces, your man cave.  You’ve had a plain one dimensional shade or blind there for what seems like an eternity, but the woman in your life keeps urging you to do something a little different, something that she can live with too.  It seems like you’ve reached an impasse.  There’s no way you’re putting the rosy colored floral patterned shade she’s picked out for the space, but she’s not budging on keeping the status quo either.

Don’t worry, floral can be done, even in man caves.  Instead of looking at big, bold, flowery prints which can be too feminine, try compromising with patterns that have slim leaves or branches (like BTG styles Rosalie or Coventry).  And, instead of choosing lighter neutral colors like whites or off whites, try variations of grays or browns, since they can be more masculine or at least gender neutral.  Finally, you can choose to stay true to the essence of a man cave by choosing a black out option, or mix it up a little with a light filtering material that will still block glare from intruding on the game.  Either way, you both can be satisfied with a fresh design that will usher in the season but also stay true to the spirit of a mancave!