By: Kim
A lot of people hear the words “floral print” and immediately get discouraged. “It looks like Grandma’s house” is the exact phrase I heard from my 7 year old boy. However, florals can be a great and even subtle way to add color and texture to a room!
It’s all about the details; if you avoid a skirted bottom on an upholstered chair with a floral pattern, it immediately turns into a more contemporary piece. Also, if you offset a floral sofa with a large blocky-styled coffee table, it draws your eye away from the busy pattern and gives a more relaxed feel.
The size of the floral also can make a difference; if you have large spacious flowers on a small space it looks much more modern, where as a small floral print on something small such as a pillow can give a more vintage feel.
Floral can really go anywhere also. Just because you have a large oriental rug in your space does not necessarily mean you can not use florals. In most cases, if you choose a floral pattern with 2 or 3 colors that match colors in your rug, it can turn out quite nicely. However, be sure to use a solid base, (e.g. An oriental rug, solid colored sofa, and floral pillows)
See? Florals aren’t so hard to work with after all! And certainly don’t have to dip you into that “Granny look” your kids refer to.