By: Karen

Bath-Pleat_015I went shopping the other day, and found a floral shower curtain, that I absolutely fell in love with.  I know, most people probably don’t feel quite so strongly about shower curtains, but I really liked it. Taking a step back, I currently have a white shower curtain, with tiny light blue circles all over it, which, if you didn’t stop to stare, are so subtle you probably wouldn’t notice (and that is representative of my entire decorating style).

The new shower curtain, on the other hand, has a chocolate brown background, with fuchsia and kiwi colored flowers all over it. The flowers are large, and bold, and jump right out at you when you look at it (and you couldn’t miss them even if wanted to). So, when I splurged and bought it, of course I needed to update the rest of the bathroom around the new curtain.  It was time for a new coat of paint anyway, so I went with a pale green color to replace the white.  I also bought new accessories in fuchsia that matched the color on the shower curtain perfectly – a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and a toothpaste holder.  I replaced the rugs on the floor with rugs that were the same chocolate brown as the background.

The other thing I needed to update were the blinds.  Partially because they were plain and boring white, but partially because they were old, and didn’t really become clean when I tried washing them anymore.  I knew that I didn’t want to go with mini blinds again (that’s what they were) because of how impossible they were to clean, but I didn’t want to get anything that wouldn’t hold up to moisture either.  I ended up with a faux wood blind.  The person at the showroom told me it would hold up well to moisture and was easier to clean – because they were wider slats – although I’m not too convinced of that – I figured I’d give it a try.  The blind is a dark espresso color that matched the shower curtain and the rugs perfectly. 

Now that I’ve redone the bathroom, I love it, and it’s got me started thinking about what I can do in the rest of the rooms.  Maybe I could use a little more color in the rest of the rooms…