By: Karen

I knew exactly what I wanted on my windows.  Roman shades.  In a neutral color, that would match my room, my walls, and my side panels, but could remain if I decided to change any of the previously mentioned items. It turned out, I really didn’t know what I wanted.

I started by doing my research, looking online at various decorating sites, in different design magazines, and by looking in all of my neighbors windows when I drove by.  I thought the classic look of the roman shades was elegant, yet contemporary.  It gave a dressy look, without looking too traditional like a lot of treatments.

When I finally got to the point of narrowing down fabrics, I had found a few that I liked , linen textured or a satin look.  I even narrowed it down to colors, before I took some measurements and headed out to do some shopping.  I had my panels, some paint chips, and even some pictures of my room, to make sure I was fully prepared to make some decisions.

It turned out; that what I hadn’t considered was the price.  After finding the perfect fabric, and getting some prices, it seemed that the perfect shades priced out about double my budget.  Luckily, I had found a salesperson that was extremely knowledgeable, and introduced me to the option of a roller shade , which I had not even considered.  It turned out the same fabric came in the roller, and it was about half the price. With the panels covering the mechanism and considering that I would have them up during the day, and down at night, it turned out to be a really good solution. Since I’ve hung them I get compliments all the time! And no one knows how much money I actually saved!!