By: Gina G

This time of year, candles are in high demand, especially with Valentine’s Day being aorund the corner.  Candles are great ways to soften the lighting of a room, as well as set the romantic mood.  However, most people don’t relate candles with window shades unless they are considering fire hazards in the home.

Traditionally, people either mount their shades on the inside of their window; therefore, lose the use of their window ledge for candles for fear that the fire would be too close to the shades.  Or, folks will mount their window treatments on the frame of their windows, in which they can use candles, but it will only be visible from outside of the home.  Placing candles on a sill behind a shade really doesn’t do much for the ambiance of the room on the inside of the house.

However, there is an alternative that is worthy to be considered.  Using flameless candles, instead of real fire candles, is a fantastic way to keep the mood of the room romantic without putting the home at risk.  I especially like the soft glow of a flameless candle against a simple white fabric shade (like Sateen).  Not only does the candle light create a nice silhouette, but as an added bonus, you will get a decorative use of your window sills without worrying about something catching on  fire.  These flameless candles are great options, and they’re a simple win-win.