Don’t Feel Blue

 To be blue or not to be blue. That is the question. We all love the color blue. Whether it be navy blue, sky blue, electric blue, or powder blue. It’s probably the most popular color. Actually its my favorite color. So why don’t we use blue more often in our home décor? Here are some ideas where you can add the color blue to your home and not feel “blue” about it. 

The bathroom. This is the most popular room to find this color. The ocean is blue so it makes sense right? Usually I think of nautical décor in a bathroom and blue definitely fits in this theme. There are unlimited options other than painting the walls in the bathroom blue.  Accents! Think details! Bath towels, shower curtains, bath rugs, tiles, potpourris, and even the shampoo and conditioner bottle color you choose can add that wonderful pop of blue. And the best part about these accents are that you aren’t making it too much of a commitment.

The kitchen/dining room. Who doesn’t love some color in the place where the family gets together to share a meal. So why not buy some blue plates or glassware? You can get blue tablecloths, dinner napkins or even the place settings to add a wonderful blue hue to add a little more spice to your meal.

A boys bedroom. It’s very common for this color to be showcased in this type of room. But try to be creative. Blue can transition in a boys bedroom during all of these growing stages. Bedding or pillow covers, lamp shades, valances, and blinds are just some to name a few where you can add that splash.

But don’t over do it. Small accents of this color go a long way. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can add a variety of blues to to show off a gradient of this great, lively color! Have fun!