These days when it comes to window treatments, shutters are a popular product that is on everyone’s mind. These louvered, twin hinged panels can be mounted on the outside or inside of a window. They cannot be raised and lowered like a traditional blind, but they can be tilted to let in light and allow visibility. Shutters are very pretty to look at, but they can be expensive on a consumer. Like any product, they have many pros and cons. Many people look at real wood or faux wood blinds as an alternative. Both products can come in 2 inch slats, and give the feel of shutters. Unlike shutters, these two products can be raised and lowered. Besides this bonus benefit, they are lighter on your pocket!
Real wood blinds are a great option for people wanting to match to their hardwood floors or cabinets and tables. They are a wood product, so they will insulate naturally to a degree. They look great by themselves with a valance or dressed up with curtains or sheers. Even if you have a very large window, you can operate these light-weight blinds with ease. The problem with these blinds will arise if you are trying to put them in a room that is damp. Ideally you want to keep real wood blinds out of kitchens and bathrooms, unless you have great air filteration. That is where faux wood blinds step in. They are great for any type of room. Because they are made of vinyl and polyester, that work well in bathrooms and kitchens. They are easy to clean and maintain. They will closely resemble wood colors, but the dye lots will be off. They are heavier than real wood blinds, so if doing a double window, to alleviate the weight, to separate blinds would be ideal.
Shutters will look great in your house and create a different feel, but they can be expensive. Also, if you would like to change the decor in your room, your not going to want to replace the shutters. If your looking for somethng a little more cost efficient and with additional features, consider the real and faux wood blinds. They can not only be tilted like shutters, but they can be raised and lowered to allow additional light to pass through. Real and faux wood blinds come in various slat sizes, but the most popular is 2 inch. These 2 inch blinds will give you the shutter feel, but with the mini blind price!